Paula Althouse    Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique

Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique

You do not need any special equipment nor do you need to stop what you are doing in order to use the Alexander Technique.  The technique can be applied to any activity at any time, and it results in better overall functioning of the body.  Without the ongoing interference of your habits, you can improve your balance and coordination, increase your body awareness, discover greater ease and efficiency of movement, and improve your sense of vitality and well-being.

         Prevent and recover from:  

- Postural problems
            - Headaches and backaches 
            - Neck and back injury
            - Chronic pain
            - Repetitive Strain Injuries 
            - Stress, fatigue, and anxiety
            - Excessive muscular tension

  Improve performance in:

     - Theatre

     - Dance

     - Music

     - Voice

     - Sports

     - Mind-body disciplines
     - Daily activities

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