Paula Althouse    Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique

Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique
Frequently Asked Questions

How many lessons will I need to take?

Students can take as many or as few lessons as they like.  However, a series of 20-30 lessons is usually recommended in order to give students a basic understanding of the technique and its application.  With a strong foundation in the work, students will be able to use the technique effectively on their own.

How long is a lesson?
Private lessons are generally 45 minutes.  However, lessons can be tailored to suite the individual's needs

What should I wear to a lesson or workshop?

Students should wear clothing that is comfortable and appropriate.  Skirts and dresses are not recommended. 


How does someone become a qualified teacher?

Qualified teachers, certified by CanSTAT  (Canadian Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique) in Canada, have completed a three-year full-time training course through a school recognized by the Society.  These schools meet the requirements as set out by the CanSTAT in its by-laws. The Society is affiliated with the international group of STAT Societies. This group has established the mutually recognized standards of all schools within its jurisdiction. Therefore, a certificate issued by a school within the group will automatically be recognized by STAT Societies all over the world.


Can you provide lessons at an alternate location?

Call or email for more information about this option.

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