Paula Althouse    Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique

Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique

Private Lessons

The most effective way of learning the technique is through a series of private lessons.  Through simple movements such as sitting and walking, the teacher uses both verbal and hands-on guidance to improve the student’s postural and movement patterns.  In addition, the student spends part of the lesson lying on a table so that the teacher can work with the student’s body fully supported.  Lessons may also include applying the technique to everyday activities, such as working at a computer, writing, or vacuuming, as well as activities of particular significance to the student,
such as swinging a golf club, playing an instrument, riding a horse, or doing a yoga pose


A lesson usually produces an immediate effect of well-being.  As students learn to use the technique on their own and apply the work to their day-to-day lives, this effect will increase over time.  Through continued practice, students can significantly enhance their quality of life, and the benefits can last a lifetime. 

Lectures and Workshops

Specialty workshops and lectures can be designed for any group.  Call or e-mail for more information about this option.

Note:  Fees are tax deductible for performing artists as “Professional Development.”

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