Paula Althouse    Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique

Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is too important to miss out on. I have not encountered any method quite like this one and I have encountered quite a few!  Paula guides you gently and easily to explore not only where you are now but where it is possible for you to grow.  This technique provides you with a mirror to show you how you live and how you move.  Your movement habits are gently exposed and if you are willing to be open to change then change you will.



I suffer terribly from performance anxiety, and the technique has provided me with a tool to feel more in control of stressful situations.



Since undertaking Alexander lessons with Paula, the results have been dramatic.  Not only has my posture improved noticeably, but the pain in my back has abated sharply.  In addition, I am now much more comfortable sitting at a desk.



I was diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome.  In layman’s terms, my fingers went numb and I had great pain.  Now I use the Alexander Technique, and the pain and numbness has stopped!


I developed Tennis Elbow in my left arm.  The Alexander Technique teaches you to identify unconscious habits of holding tension in the body.  When I learnt to allow my body to be without tension, space was created in the joints, and the pain from my Tennis Elbow was gone!

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